Kenyan Court to Rule on Disputed Presidential Election 

Kenyans wait anxiously for the Supreme Court to rule whether last month’s election of president-elect William Ruto should be upheld or nullified.

Kenya’s supreme court is expected to judge an election challenging the results of the August presidential vote filled by former Prime Minister Raila Odinga, who lost the election by a small margin against his main rival, president-elect William Ruto. Ruto received 7.1 million votes; while Odinga received 6.9 million.

President-elect Ruto said on Sunday he would respect the court’s ruling.

Odinga said the electoral commission rigged the vote for Ruto, a claim denied by the commission during their submission last week.

If the Ruto win is upheld, he will be sworn in next week and become the fifth president of Kenya.

If the court rules in Odinga’s favor, the country will hold another election in 60 days.

The court will determine whether the electoral agency followed the constitution and the electoral law in conducting the vote and verifying the authenticity of the results.


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