Former South African President to Appear in Court on Corruption Charges

Former South African President Jacob Zuma is to appear in court on April 6 to face corruption charges.

Police said Zuma was issued a summons Monday, continuing a dramatic fall for the former president who was forced to leave office last month after his party turned against him.

South Africa’s National Prosecuting Authority said earlier this month it would seek to prosecute Zuma on 16 charges, including fraud, racketeering, corruption and money laundering.

The charges relate to an arms deal in the 1990s and were originally thrown out nearly a decade ago before Zuma successfully ran for president in 2009.

Zuma was deputy president at the time of the arms deal. His former financial adviser, Schabir Shaikh, was found guilty in 2005 of trying to solicit brides for Zuma from a French arms company. Zuma has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing.

Lawyers for Zuma said they will appeal the reinstatement of the charges.

Zuma’s presidency was marred by scandals, allegations of corruption and an economic slowdown, leading to his forced resignation Feb. 14.  

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